Show 1: “V” Dance

A static 360 degree stage show that demonstrates the best rhythms and choreography of La BandSambant. Since it is performed in a fixed location (plaza, pavilion, dance hall, etc.) it can take advantage of having the combination of percussion and dance. The show is intended to be carried out on a runaway stage allowing the public to approach and interact with the band. This creates an atmosphere of excitement since the movements and music can be observed from a close distance and is very inviting of participation. This show is suitable for any type of audience as it evokes smiles from elders and children in holiday festivals, and causes young audiences to leap and dance in concerts.

Furthuremore, this show can be accompanied by fire jugglers and can use anywhere from 14 to 23 percussionists. No additional materials, electricity or other technical setup is required by the client.

Show 2: Re-Tapping

A dynamic marching show that puts less emphasis on the choreoagrphy in order to draw more attention from the public. As it is performed on the street, it can be seen and enjoyed by a great number of people than a static show. It is a non-stop show that doesn’t allow the public to rest using their movement and interaction to fuel the intensity. It is normally performed with anywhere from 9 to 18 musicians and doesn’t require any electrical or technical setup.