La BandSambant originated in the Spring of 2005. After more than three years of practice at the hand of Carlos Pusseto, fifteen adolescents obsessed with the power of afro-brazilian percussion decided to buy their own instruments and take to the streets of Barcelona. The goal was simple: to make anyone who stood in front of them move irresistibly to the sound of their music. The means? Rythm, self-confidence, enthusiasm and a secret formula “adonarutot-Transiberianoexpress.”

What began as an extension of percussion workshops soon transformed into a magical experience that began occupying much of the members’ time and efforts. A strong friendship grew between the them which contributed to the on-going development and motivation with the band yielding positive results. Soon they were creating their own rhythms and integrating various Brazilian rhythms they had learned earlier into their repertoire.

Since 2007 the group formalized its commitment to music, dance and interacting with the public. In doing so, they achieved a leap forward in the quality of their shows and the shear quantity of how often they performed; including performances outside of Catalonia. To better manage themselves, the group also created internal committees to deal with the various administrative tasks that had increased with the growing activity of the band.

Over their 5 years of existence, the group has seen itself shrink and grow, but regardless they host workshops on a regular basis in search of new musicians. In this way, it never ceases to grow – currently with 23 members and over 130 performances throughout Spain. The group is cursed with the irresistible power of percussion and spreads the effect wherever it goes.