La BandSambant is part of a cultural non-profit organization, the ACPS , because we believe in 
social cohesion and cultural integration through percussion.

Our goal is to share what we like… in other words: batucada! We do this with great music/visual shows and we ensure that all of our participants are involved to the fullest extent possible of each project. We leave the level of involvement at each members’ discretion as opposed to what you would expect to see from a truly professional group. In other words, this is not our job and we take no personal income for our work… indeed, our aim isn’t to turn a profit and far less to become rich.

With short but sure steps and with a horizontal organization, La BandSambant has grown both in membership and diversity of instruments, while also generating better
 energy in each of their performances. To us, this is the expected result because we believe in batucada as a tool for personal and collective transformation. The classic samba, samba – reggae, bossa ,funk and other original rhythms that emerge from our 
surdos, snare drums, tamborims, xocalhos, agogos, timbas, and repeniques 
are the way we express this message.

Despite the relative young age of the band at its beginning, it is now a mature group of skilled musicians. Because of the family culture we cultivate, the knowledge is passed down to the ever-growing members. What began as a small percussion workshop in schools and community centers has evolved into a much more ambitious project which sooner or later will inspire the use of batucada as a new methodology for social work.